Laughter Heals

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Over the holidays I was at a family gathering enjoying good food, good friends, and laughter.  I was talking with the family matriarch affectionately called “Memaw” by her grandchildren.  Looking at me she made a comment about the embroidered decorations on her sweatshirt and the effects of their strategic placement.  We started to laugh about the private joke between us.  … Read More

Wrestling in the Desert

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We wish our culture was a community that was radiant with the love of Christ, but that would be imagining heaven on earth. Instead we live in a world filled with a dangerous network of domination and manipulation into which we can become easily entangled and fear losing our souls. Have we become so molded by the seductive powers of … Read More

Is Your Soul Healthy?

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One of the most difficult things in this life is to have a mind and soul of peace. It seems that no matter how hard we try, we are always dissatisfied and restless.  Our focus is pulled in so many directions that it is hard to come to a place of rest. The desires that lurk inside us can ache … Read More

Benefits of Pruning

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If I am honest there are times when my view of God has been like that of a genie. I have believed that if I rub Him the right way by adding the actions of prayer and faith to my spiritual walk, He will pop up and give me what I want. That is a drastically wrong view of God.  … Read More

9 Steps Through the Pain

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When a person has been grievously wronged they are forever marked. Psalm 129:3 says “The plowers plowed upon my back; they made long furrows.”  This verse is a picture of being shoved to the ground with your face down, having someone walk on top of you, gouging up and down your back, leaving permanent furrows or marks. The images from … Read More

Open Up to Desire

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For the last two days I was tucked away at a retreat house conducting an intensive retreat.  We were four spiritual companions gathered together to walk alongside a sister, who, in the trials of life, has lost sight of the Lord.  In her anger at the Lord for not keeping her safe from emotional pain, she has fallen into a … Read More

The Powerful Dynamic of Desire

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One of things Jesus seems to love to do to help people get in touch with spiritual realities is to ask questions that guide them to what is deeply true within. No matter how good, bad, or ugly, He preferred that we speak honestly and get to the core of the issue.  His questions probe into our hopes and dreams, … Read More

Walk with God

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One of the clearest descriptions of what God wants from us is in Micah 6:8 “… and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.” Walking with God is always about drawing closer to Him in intimate fellowship and a prayer walk is taken for this … Read More

Power Up with Patience

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I am not a very patient person.  I am always in a hurry.  The Lord has been teaching me to slow down and be patient, think it through, and look to see things more clearly. In the slowing down, I am learning that patience acts in the face of something that is not right.  It is a curious opposite to … Read More

Three Ways to Cultivate Rest

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We have a tendency to think we can do better by doing more, and we work hard to squeeze as much productivity as we can into each day. When we refuse the grace of rest offered to us in a Sabbath, I wonder, do we consign ourselves to anxious, driven lives? Our culture seems to have an endless craving for … Read More