Blinded by the Light

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In the Christian life the benefits of living an obedient life are many.  There are two benefits that are so linked together that it is difficult to treat them separately.  The epitome of these character qualities is a passion for personal holiness and a sense of humility.  Over time the Holy Spirit generates in our hearts and souls a craving … Read More

The Desert of Conflict

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When we are in a conflict it can feel like we are in a lonely desert sitting in the scorching heat of emotion.  In the midst of this pain when we call out to the Lord He comes to give us wisdom from His desert temptations.  Imagine ourselves sitting on a rock in the desert watching the sun go down … Read More

Laughter Heals

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Over the holidays I was at a family gathering enjoying good food, good friends, and laughter.  I was talking with the family matriarch affectionately called “Memaw” by her grandchildren.  Looking at me she made a comment about the embroidered decorations on her sweatshirt and the effects of their strategic placement.  We started to laugh about the private joke between us.  … Read More

Grace and Truth Encounter

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We often hear that the Christian life is all about becoming like Jesus, but what does it look like to do that in everyday life? We could start making a list of all we learn from Scripture about what it means to be like Jesus, and it’s likely that in the process of doing that, the list would become so … Read More

I Need Discernment

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I read a line from Michael Hyatt’s blog the other day that really struck me as practically discerning: “If you don’t like what you see in the life of the messenger, it’s usually best to ignore the message.” In essence, Michael is advising us not to take advice from people aren’t getting the results you want to experience. It is … Read More

9 Steps Through the Pain

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When a person has been grievously wronged they are forever marked. Psalm 129:3 says “The plowers plowed upon my back; they made long furrows.”  This verse is a picture of being shoved to the ground with your face down, having someone walk on top of you, gouging up and down your back, leaving permanent furrows or marks. The images from … Read More

How You Can Love the Most By Listening

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Spiritual conversation is all about someone asking a good question and waiting patiently for you to sort through your thoughts and emotions, and then asking another question that finally helps you say what you need to say. An important element of the community of believers is the ability to simply listen and be with what is, without having to fix, … Read More

Lessons on Worship in the Crucible of Cancer

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I was doing well and just starting the deeper research of chapter five of my dissertation.  The chapter was on endurance.  I prayed the Lord would lead me to the best resources for the research.  Not many days later the doctor called to say the results from the breast biopsy tested positive for cancer.  I had had these done before … Read More

The Touch That Displaces Shame

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Jesus is an unimaginable combination of Servant-King.  Our modern society has no parallels or comparisons of such a person.  No wonder so many people reading Isaiah’s prophecies thought that the Messiah and the Servant were two different people.  It is easy to understand why Jesus went unrecognized for so long: he was a King who made himself nothing. Jesus Identifies … Read More

3 Steps to Dust off the Dirt of Shame?

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Shame is very real.  For example: a sexually violated woman feels contaminated by what has been done to her, and she really has been contaminated.  Shame feels like you have dirt on you that you cannot seem to wash off.  It does not matter how you have been violated, the shame, causes you to believe you are a mess and … Read More