How to Make Friends

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Do you think you can make more friends by being interested in other people or by trying to get them to be interested in you?  We all know the answer.  People are not interested in us, they are more interested in themselves.  Alfred Adler, the famous Viennese psychologist, wrote a book ,What Life Should Mean to You.  In the book … Read More

The Weapons to Fight the Cravings

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Many have argued that there is not enough help out there for people who are addicted.  I don’t think the problem is a lack of help or programs.  Could there be a lack of revealed truth from God’s Word in that person’s life?  Is the main problem that people suppress the truth, and deny God’s solutions to the problems? God’s … Read More

3 Steps To a Heart of Contentment

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The lessons Jesus taught were radically opposed to the world’s way of thinking.  We can be so immersed in the messages of the world that we underestimate their power and influence upon our thinking.  The world promotes the selfish ideas that we just “deserve the best.” The message of the gospel of Christ tells us that we deserve an eternity … Read More

How To Be a Person of Influence

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If we want to be an influence in a person’s life, do we need to talk about what they want and show them how to get it? Is every act you have ever performed all about getting what you want? Let’s say you made a large contribution to your favorite charity. You gave the donation because you wanted to lend … Read More

Four Essential Steps For a Changed Life

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Any change we make in life is going to require us to get real and honest with ourselves.  I can hear my mind telling me, “I can handle this, it’s not really that bad, or I won’t do that again.”   The best one yet is when I say to myself, “I’ve learned my lesson.”  I don’t know about you, but … Read More