I Want a Big House

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The unfortunate part about being a counselor is living with a broken heart.  I know we live in a broken world filled with death and disease. I know we face the consequences of our sin the pain and shame of being sinned against. I know that the enemy, the devil, is always up to no good.

My heart hurts for the pain and hardship I see our single parents endure every day.  Some face the pain of going through the loss of a spouse due to divorce.  Some struggle to find a job that pays well enough to support their family, and often have to work two jobs.  Some are under-employed and have to go back to school to find a good paying job. Raising children for two people is a struggle, and doing that alone is an exhausting burden.  Single parents can be so lonely because they don’t fit in a world of couples, and they don’t have the freedom and flexibility to do life as a single.

So I dream of a big house with living quarters for many families and a large common area with a huge kitchen and dining room big enough to seat everyone.  They could cook together, sit down for dinner together, laugh, love, and pray together. They could hear their children’s voices, laughter, and play in a safe home where they could relax, learn, and grow in their relationships with each other and with the Lord.

This home would be a place for families with young children and a home for moms with grown children to mentor and serve the younger.  I dream of doing life as one big family caring, sharing, and growing together.

This would not be a perfect place because doing life with other sinners will never be free of conflict.  The conflicts would be seen as opportunities to apprehend how to own their own stuff, forgive, and reconcile. This would not be a home free of rules but a place to learn how to submit and obey so they could all understand how to submit and obey the Lord.  This would be a house of love and acceptance because mastering how to a resolve conflict is crucial for doing life well.

Single parents have been so abused and abandoned on so many fronts. I dream of God giving us the opportunity to show God’s love and acceptance and help them to heal.  Will you join my dream and pray for a big, big, house?

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