The Touch That Displaces Shame

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Jesus is an unimaginable combination of Servant-King.  Our modern society has no parallels or comparisons of such a person.  No wonder so many people reading Isaiah’s prophecies thought that the Messiah and the Servant were two different people.  It is easy to understand why Jesus went unrecognized for so long: he was a King who made himself nothing. Jesus Identifies … Read More

The Association that Heals Shame

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Shame has a long history. It starts right at the beginning of Genesis 3:6-10, where we see the stuff of life crammed all into one paragraph: God, temptations, self-consciousness, and shame.  One by one, shame’s trinity of nakedness, rejection, and contamination come marching by.  Nakedness came first.  For Adam and Eve it seemed as if nakedness dominated.  They hoped fig … Read More