Rest is Good for Your Spiritual Health

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One Friday evening I decided to have a Shabbat dinner for our single parents to teach on the values of the Jewish traditions of worship in the home. For Jewish folks the Sabbath observance began on Friday at sundown and ended on Saturday evening providing a sanctuary in time. We put tablecloths on the tables, set out water bowls with … Read More

Technology Effects Your Spirit

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as teaching recently on the value of developing traditions of worship in the home, particularly around sitting down and having dinner together.  One of our single moms said that she would love to do that, but it would be a fight with her teen daughter just to get her to put down the cell phone and have a face to … Read More

What Do You Want From God?

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Spiritual transformation is full of mystery.  We cannot change ourselves or anyone else. But we can create the conditions in which our own spiritual transformations take place.  We do this by developing and maintaining spiritual disciplines that keep us open and available to God. One of the things that will keep us from spiritual formation is the wrong idea that … Read More

Participate with God To Effect the Lives of Many

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Participating with God The story of Joseph in the book of Genesis takes up more space than any other story. The creation of the earth and the fall of man into sin are summarized 3 chapters, but the story of Joseph is three times longer. This remarkable story has many ups and downs with a lot to teach us about … Read More

How to Encounter God in Scripture

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Recently I was at a women’s theology conference where the focus was on contemplation.  Ruth Haley Barton was speaking about our need to pay attention to our God-given desires, so that we could know for what purpose we want to arrange our lives.  She discussed spiritual disciplines that believers through the centuries have practiced as a way of opening up … Read More

Lessons on Worship in the Crucible of Cancer

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I was doing well and just starting the deeper research of chapter five of my dissertation.  The chapter was on endurance.  I prayed the Lord would lead me to the best resources for the research.  Not many days later the doctor called to say the results from the breast biopsy tested positive for cancer.  I had had these done before … Read More