9 Steps Through the Pain

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When a person has been grievously wronged they are forever marked. Psalm 129:3 says “The plowers plowed upon my back; they made long furrows.”  This verse is a picture of being shoved to the ground with your face down, having someone walk on top of you, gouging up and down your back, leaving permanent furrows or marks. The images from … Read More

Open Up to Desire

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For the last two days I was tucked away at a retreat house conducting an intensive retreat.  We were four spiritual companions gathered together to walk alongside a sister, who, in the trials of life, has lost sight of the Lord.  In her anger at the Lord for not keeping her safe from emotional pain, she has fallen into a … Read More

The Powerful Dynamic of Desire

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One of things Jesus seems to love to do to help people get in touch with spiritual realities is to ask questions that guide them to what is deeply true within. No matter how good, bad, or ugly, He preferred that we speak honestly and get to the core of the issue.  His questions probe into our hopes and dreams, … Read More

Do Not Be Diminished

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There seems to be two types of leaders in the world – those who seem to boost the IQ of others and those who suck the mental life out of their employees. Have you ever worked for someone who was highly intelligent and yet, had a tendency to either overtly or subtly, shut you down? Some leaders can amplify intelligence … Read More