Important Things to Remember

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In the stresses of life we can forget the many ways that God has been with us and helped us in the past. As we remember and think specifically about the sacrifice Jesus has done for us. We think about the cost of our redemption and the willingness of God to pay the price for us our memories are jolted by His grace.

We know that we tend to sink under all types of distressing circumstances, but God’s truth stands the test of time in all of life’s circumstances.   When we get our eyes on God and start to recount all the ways we have seen His grace and sovereignty in our present situation, the more we will move outside ourselves to see His faithfulness in all difficult situations.

Here’s an example: “I will remember the deeds of the Lord, (Psalm 77:11a). As Asaph remembered all the years of God’s longsuffering, patience, and provision for Israel, his heart and soul started to revive as he chose to trust God to be faithful in the future.

It is important to recall the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for us, which brought about our salvation; so our heart are be jarred by the reminder of the cost of our redemption. We must remember the many times when God has intervened for us, or has caused us to learn so much that we ultimately count those negative experiences as joy. As we think this way we find comfort and draw closer to God, renewed in our hearts by His goodness.

In this process of remembering, we learn that God does not comfort us to make us comfortable but so that we can be a comforter to others, (2 Corinthians 1:3-4). This knowledge can move us to extend God’s goodness to others through kind speech, being tenderhearted, forgiving, and generous.

As the precious gospel message comes into focus, our self-centeredness fades and Christ becomes magnified, bringing God’s character into the forefront of our minds.   When our faith is redirected by the truth, we choose to dwell upon Christ instead of ourselves or our circumstances, we abide in Him rather than make demands of Him and humbly accept His will for us even when He calls us to suffer.

May we find satisfaction in Him and give Him glory no matter what trials we face in this new year.

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