Why Am I Here?

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The questions we can hear often and maybe ask ourselves are, “Why am I here?” What is my purpose?  What is life all about anyway?”  Our answers define how we do life.  We will feel the pressure to conform to the world that presents to us all kinds of models that can attract the attention of our hearts.

Jesus maps out for us a walk of life that is counter to our culture and generally never intuitive to our hearts.  We can think we are defined by our jobs and accomplishments.  Maybe we think we are our ethnic lineage, marital status, or defined in a role as a parent.  Our sense of who we are can be challenged based on money, the approval of others, or achievements.

Adopted: Our culture and world would like to define us in all kinds of ways, but God is the one who defines who we are.  He created us; He would have the definition.  We will never find out who we are by listening to what others say or by looking inside ourselves.  God is our Father.  He adopts us and re-creates us to have a childlike heart, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Poor, Weak, and Helpless: Who we are as created beings means we are God’s dependent children; we depend on our heavenly Father for all of who we are.  Who we are as God’s children correlates to how we express ourselves, as we develop and grow in our various roles.  Our dependency is complicated by the sins we commit, the sin committed against us, and by the suffering we endure.  To know who we are we must know our need for help because we are poor, weak, and often helpless.

Servants: Jesus died for our sins, we were bought with a price, we belong to Him.  We need Him to tell us how to do life right.  We belong to Him as indentured servants for life.  We are His servants.

Forgiven: We are grateful for the Lord’s mercy and forgiveness when we sin.  It is good to know we are forgiven.

Refugees: Life is full of all kinds of troubles, threats, and disappointments; we are not able to stand up against all of that.  We are not designed to do that; we are designed to seek refuge in God.  We are refugees seeking comfort in God.

Sheep: Jesus tells us that He is the good shepherd.  He cares and watches over His sheep.  We all know we need continual care and it is good to be a sheep in His flock.

Whenever we forget God and strive to do life on our own, we get gospel amnesia, and forget to whom we belong.  An enduring Christ-like identity is a gift of the grace of God as the Holy Spirit works in us to renew us day-by-day.

We will always be God’s dependent children, but as we grow up into His image, we are increasingly able to care for others as He cares for us.

Bride: Scripture tells us we are the bride of Christ.  He is our spouse who patiently nourishes and cherishes us.  We all need a faithful, kind, protective, and generous husband, therefore we submit to His wise caring leadership.

Worshipers: God is good, glorious, and mighty.  He deserves our reverent worship, trust, esteem, and thankfulness.  We are to be God-fearing worshipers.

Every aspect of who God is teaches us who we are.  May we be humble, submitted, and dependent before the Lord.  Why?  Because Jesus is our strong leader, teacher, and Lord.  He helps us in our weakness.  He forgives our sins.  His mercy is never ending.  He faced the hostility of men showing us how to face all things with courage and clarity of mind.

There is a pattern here; as we grow in all of who we are called to be as Christ followers we become more and more like Him.  As we receive His gracious mercy, we become generous and merciful.  When our core imperishable identity is rooted in Christ, we bear fruit and continually abide in Him.  What a glorious destiny.  Where is your identity is rooted?

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