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We long for a more personal and intimate relationship with God.  Our hearts crave a connection with God from His Word.  We have knowledge of the Word but something is missing.

We live in a high-performance culture, where holding to deep spiritual values is not regarded as the greatest treasure.  In the pressure to perform we are tempted to look for quick fixes, to compromise the value of love for another, telling the truth, confession, and or reconciliation.

Do you value the deep connection of loving community?  Do you long to connect with God?

What does a deeper intimacy with God look like?  Deeper intimacy with God is the process by which Christ is formed in us, for the glory of God, and for the sake of others.  In that process, the Spirit of God moves us from behaviors motivated by fear and self-protection to behaviors of trust and abandonment of ourselves to God.  We move away from self-absorption to freely offering the gifts of our authentic selves.  We move away from the desperate attempts to control the outcomes of our lives to an ability to give ourselves over to the will of God.

In order to do this, we need to quiet our souls and listen for His voice.

Do you have a desire to dwell in God’s presence, to listen to God’s voice, to look at God’s beauty, to experience a touch from God’s incarnate Word, and fully experience God’s infinite goodness?

Learn from the life of Jesus; His formula was a simple one.  He did not have any great strategies except to seek God the Father in solitude and then carry out what was revealed to Him.

As Jesus demonstrated the discipline of seeking solitude with God the Father we are to model his example and seek solitude with Him.  Silence and solitude is a key discipline for all those who seek after God.  Solitude is a primary place where the soul is strengthened.  It demands that we pull away from the pressures of our lives, which is never easy, and involves many challenges. Do we wonder if the real reason we resist moving into solitude has more to do with the anxiety that comes as we pull away from that which we have allowed to define us?

Try it for yourself.  Sit quietly for a few moments for the sole purpose of allowing your soul to say what it needs to say to God.  Don’t try to force anything or work hard to make something happen.  Sit quietly in God’s presence and see what shows itself.  This may take some time, but when your soul has finally said that thing that it has been waiting to say, you will know.  If you sit long enough you might be surprised to hear what God wants to say to your soul.

Ted Loder said in Guerrillas of Grace “O Father in Heaven, perhaps you’ve already heard what I wanted to tell you.  What I wanted to ask is forgive me, heal me, increase my courage, please.  Renew in me a little of love and faith, a sense of confidence, and a vision of what it might mean to live as though you were real, and I mattered, and everyone was sister and brother.  What I wanted to ask in my blundering way is don’t give up on me, don’t become too sad about me, but laugh with me, and try again with me, and I will with you, too.”

As you challenge yourself to pull over and take time to sit in quiet solitude, maybe on a slow walk in the park or sitting on your deck with the sun in your face.  Sit with God, and let your soul tell Him of all that is on your heart.  Listen for His still small voice to speak to you a word from the Word and let that word rest in you.

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