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One danger to our spiritual lives and growth is self-rejection.  When we grow up or live in, environments with a lot of criticism we tend to turn the criticism into self-rejection.  We will then think if anyone got to know us they would not like or love us.  This is a dark and lonely road.

We can tend to think that self-deprecation is a good thing likening it to humility.  Humility in its essence is the opposite of self-deprecation.  It is our grateful recognition that we are precious and beloved in the sight of God.

To move beyond self-rejection is to walk in the knowledge of God’s view of us as beloved sons and daughters.  We must be determined to walk in the truth of what God says about us and not let  the past or what people think steal our ability to live according to the truth we know.

There can be a lot of noisy voices in our heads.  Voices that say, “Nobody cares about me,” or the voices that say, “I must be successful and popular otherwise I am a loser.”  We must hear the still small voice that says, “You are my beloved.”

To hear God’s voice takes special effort.  It means taking time for solitude, silence, and a determination to listen.  This is what prayer is listening to the voice that calls us “Beloved.” Take time to quiet the noise in your mind and listen to hear God speak to your heart.

As a father care for his children, so God cares for his own; his love is everlasting. Psalm 103:8-18.

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