Muddy Waters

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Praise is what we are created to do.  The question is what can we give to God, who did something so radical for us, like dying on a cross to save us from the penalty of sin? What can we give back to God in gratitude?  Are we giving Him the crumbs or our lives and crumbs of our praise?  When we get to know God and have a real revelation of who He is, don’t we just want to be radical for Him?  When we see Him for who He is, we want to give Him something He is worthy of.

In order to live to praise God, we cannot have lifestyles of mixture. Lives of mixture are lives that are seeking to be edgy and trendy without recognizing when we are absorbing the values of the world and compromising Truth.  As Scripture teaches us “A good tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears bad fruit” (Matthew 7:18).  “Does a fountain send out from the same opening both fresh and bitter water” (James 3:11)?  Salt water and fresh water never come from the same source.   Pure rivers of worship as we live lives of mixture become filled with mud or become tainted.  We lose the clarity of the truth and do not realize when we are moving toward compromise.

The pure rivers of worship that God has created to flow out of our hearts to a lost and dying world have they become polluted?  Have the rivers of our hearts become polluted with lust, greed, and all forms of idolatry that grieve the heart of God?  God does not tolerate us handling the glory of God with hands tainted by unrepentant sin.

God does not call out these issues to hurt us but to heal us.  We can call it judgment, but it is also mercy.  We must be grateful that God calls us out of muddy waters.  Living a life of mixture and making mistakes are two different things.  It is a part of our Christian experience to make mistakes.  We must learn to reckon ourselves dead to sin and alive to Christ.  There is a big difference between making a mistake and choosing to live in habitual unrepentant sin.

We all know there are areas in our lives that need to change.  When we are dealing with areas of deception in our lives, may the voice of the Holy Spirit convict us, and so compel us to repentance.  Lifestyles of mixture are in direct opposition to God.

May God purify the rivers of worship in our hearts, so that when the rivers begin to flow out of our hearts, we are not giving out polluted water tainted by sin that grieves the heart of God.  When there are muddy waters in our hearts the Holy Spirit begins to withdraw.  God will not partner with something that opposes His nature.  The Holy Spirit does not want to go wading into muddy water.

Is it time for us to embrace being a kingdom of priests who handle the Word of God with clean hands and pure hearts?  We all know that without holiness we will not see God. He is calling us to holiness and a heart full of worship.  The only way we have a real heart of worship is when we make the decision to no longer live lifestyles of mixture.

Make the decision to repent and walk in humility.  The Holy Spirit will come teach us in fresh ways and purify our hearts for rivers of worship to flow out of us into a lost and dying world.


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