About the Blog

This world is broken, filled with struggle and striving; contentment can seem as unattainable as getting in a time machine and going back to a quieter time. Contentment is possible but it is truly only found within a relationship with Jesus Christ. This blog is focused on living a courageously sustained relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and finding your way to deep peace and sustained contentment.

My philosophy is that if you are going to live a life of contentment in the Lord, you are going to have to work with diligent courage to get there and stay there.

I am just one messed up sinner who the Lord has forgiven and redeemed. And I’m doing life with a whole bunch of messed up sinners. The Lord has given me His miraculous grace of life change and it is my desire that you have the same.

My writings (which occur one or two times a month) center on the practical ways of applying Scripture to everyday trials; if you want to know how to harness the power of Scripture to sustain you, then this blog is for you!