Marriage is Only For Characters

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So many people today have gone or are going through the pain of divorce.  The age at which they get divorces has risen from the 30s and 40s to now more marriages end when spouses enter their 50s.  For women in their 50s the ability to find jobs and acclimate to independent living is made much more difficult and can leave them … Read More

I Want a Big House

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The unfortunate part about being a counselor is living with a broken heart.  I know we live in a broken world filled with death and disease. I know we face the consequences of our sin the pain and shame of being sinned against. I know that the enemy, the devil, is always up to no good. My heart hurts for … Read More

Identity Theft

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Today women reside in more and more isolation, and some of this may be self-imposed because of fear caused by abandonment, shame, and rejection. I get angry as I hear the stories of men, husbands, and ex-spouses who continue to abuse women with their words, criticisms, money, manipulations, and fists. Women live in fear because their worlds are so uncertain.  … Read More

Adventure in Obedience

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My beloved friend Kathy is sitting in church one Sunday, when she is prompted by the Holy Spirit to talk to the woman sitting next to her.  The woman was in her mid-thirties and a total stranger.  In obedience to the Spirit, Kathy turned to the woman and said, “I don’t want to weird you out or anything, but the … Read More

Stop, Drop, and Roll

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Most of us were taught as children that if we ever caught on fire we shouldn’t panic and run, but stop running, drop to the ground, and roll out the fire.  That’s a teaching we can also apply to dealing with the fire of emotions in our lives. Emotions have been created by our loving heavenly Father as indicators of … Read More

How to Love Another by Listening

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Are you one of those people, who when circumstances become difficult and painful, you think and think until you figure it all out and then you might speak?  Maybe you are the opposite, when something is trying on your soul you just have to talk out loud and have someone process with you?  I don’t know if this is true … Read More

How to Make Friends

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Do you think you can make more friends by being interested in other people or by trying to get them to be interested in you?  We all know the answer.  People are not interested in us, they are more interested in themselves.  Alfred Adler, the famous Viennese psychologist, wrote a book ,What Life Should Mean to You.  In the book … Read More

How To Be a Person of Influence

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If we want to be an influence in a person’s life, do we need to talk about what they want and show them how to get it? Is every act you have ever performed all about getting what you want? Let’s say you made a large contribution to your favorite charity. You gave the donation because you wanted to lend … Read More

Change All of Your Relationships for the Better

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I heard a pastor today talk about the best way to develop an effective ministry.  He said it is all about asking the right question.   He decided to start a ministry to college students.  He did not want to have a place for them to just come and hang out for Bible study; he wanted them to have a vision … Read More

Do You Make this Critical Mistake?

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I remember one of the first things we learned in biblical counseling training were the rules for communication from Ephesians 4:25-32. One of the rules, from Ephesians 4:29 “Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth but only such a word as is good for edification according to the need of the moment, so that it will give grace to … Read More