The Most Important Thought

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Our view of God is the most important thing about us.  The thoughts we think about God are the foundation of our Christian lives.  If we do not have a good foundation we will not have a solid relationship with God. Some believers have a faulty view of God.  These views have been formed from many things.  They can develop … Read More

Tabernacle Within

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God has formed us, created us, and redeemed us.  He has built us like a tabernacle with an outer court, an inner court, and a place deep within us where God meets with us.  Before we Jesus as Lord and Savior that deep place within us was dead.  We were governed by our emotions, thoughts, and desires.  We did whatever … Read More

Music Therapy

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Music can be good therapy.  Music functions in Scripture in many ways. It is one of the divinely appointed vehicles for the word of Christ (Colossians 3:16).  Music can be a gift of grace enabling the repentant, depressed person to walk in obedient faith, (Psalm 32:7) regardless of their circumstances (Habakkuk 3:17-19).  It can provide structured discipline in renewing the … Read More

Perfect Score

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Are we keeping score of how well we are doing?  Do we strive to keep ourselves on task whether it is managing a business, our family’s lives, or our own?  Do we want to motivate, influence, and be people others want to follow?  When it comes to evaluating our success do we often fall into the trap of thinking that … Read More

Christmas Contemplation

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Some of us have learned how to spend a lot of time with ourselves this past year.  Maybe we have discovered we needed some time for rest and reflection.  It has made some of us start to contemplate who we are in our deepest selves and slow down and pay attention. It has been a time where we have started … Read More


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If we are honest there are times when we view God as our cosmic provider.  We think if we pray and have faith in a certain way then He will give us what we want.  We all know that is a drastically wrong view of God.  His purpose is not to give us everything we want but to give us … Read More

God’s Training Plan

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High accountability is required when we speak God’s Word to another.  We must be cautious to make sure we are not taking the Lord’s name in vain (Exodus 20:7).  Which means when we speak in His name, when He has not spoken, beware then will discipline follow.  This is a discipline that comes to remove from our hearts any pollution … Read More

Way of the Wise

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Do we have something to teach others when we are stuck in bad habits?  If we find ourselves still harassed by former bad habits and are teaching others should we stop teaching?  We might have something of value to share but we should not have authority.  We might get put to shame by our words and eventually begin to practice … Read More

When Love Hurts

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We long for companionable community and hope to find it in the church.  At the same time, we hate the church because it often can wound us deeply.  Counselors and leaders can often wound with their words, attitudes, actions, and demands.  Our relationship with those in church authority bring us face to face with life and death issues where our … Read More

Gospel Amnesia

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We can find ourselves start to sink into dark feelings of depression and despair when distressing life circumstances confront us.  In the stresses we can forget the many ways that God has been with us and guided us.  This condition could be named getting gospel amnesia. Gospel amnesia is forgetting that God’s truth stands the test of time in all … Read More