The Song in You

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I love playing golf with my new friend Nora.  We play together in a Tuesday morning ladies golf league.  Most of the women in the league are at least 50 and some in their 80s. Nora is at least 10 years older than I and her long game shots are not as good as they once were.  Watch out though … Read More

Muddy Waters

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Praise is what we are created to do.  The question is what can we give to God, who did something so radical for us, like dying on a cross to save us from the penalty of sin? What can we give back to God in gratitude?  Are we giving Him the crumbs or our lives and crumbs of our praise?  … Read More

Beat Stress with Mindfulness

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When we first went into lockdown to try to protect ourselves from the coronavirus, we believed it would be over and our lives would get back to normal.  We had no idea it would continue into the following year and now into spring, piling on more anxiety.  Recovery from this shared stressor may be a long road, but God provides … Read More

Finding Peace in my Disciplines

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Cultivating peace is not just a, being still in the Lord, and it will suddenly fall upon us.  It is learned as Philippians 4:11 teaches us. “Not that I speak from want, for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am.” In the workplace and in our personal lives we often set for ourselves a vision and … Read More


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One danger to our spiritual lives and growth is self-rejection.  When we grow up or live in, environments with a lot of criticism we tend to turn the criticism into self-rejection.  We will then think if anyone got to know us they would not like or love us.  This is a dark and lonely road. We can tend to think … Read More

No Butter Knives

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No Butter Knives There are two great offensive weapons given to us by God.  They are prayer and the Word of God or Sword of the Spirit.  We can tend to think of Ephesians 6 and the armor of God when we think of warfare.  The armor of God is the defensive suit we wear into battle. The use of … Read More

The Most Important Thought

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Our view of God is the most important thing about us.  The thoughts we think about God are the foundation of our Christian lives.  If we do not have a good foundation we will not have a solid relationship with God. Some believers have a faulty view of God.  These views have been formed from many things.  They can develop … Read More

Tabernacle Within

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God has formed us, created us, and redeemed us.  He has built us like a tabernacle with an outer court, an inner court, and a place deep within us where God meets with us.  Before we Jesus as Lord and Savior that deep place within us was dead.  We were governed by our emotions, thoughts, and desires.  We did whatever … Read More

Music Therapy

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Music can be good therapy.  Music functions in Scripture in many ways. It is one of the divinely appointed vehicles for the word of Christ (Colossians 3:16).  Music can be a gift of grace enabling the repentant, depressed person to walk in obedient faith, (Psalm 32:7) regardless of their circumstances (Habakkuk 3:17-19).  It can provide structured discipline in renewing the … Read More

Perfect Score

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Are we keeping score of how well we are doing?  Do we strive to keep ourselves on task whether it is managing a business, our family’s lives, or our own?  Do we want to motivate, influence, and be people others want to follow?  When it comes to evaluating our success do we often fall into the trap of thinking that … Read More