The Secret to Having More Joy, Contentment, and Happiness

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We so wish that when we became Christians that all of our old sinful habits, thinking, and acting would have been completely eradicated. We do know that we have been given the Holy Spirit to dwell in us and empower us to overcome sin and be changed in our thoughts, words, and actions. 2 Evidences of Change The truth is … Read More

Three ways to be Transformed NOT Just Recovered

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In our culture today nearly every common behavioral problem is seen as a disorder or disease. It could include things like overeating, excessive spending, alcohol, drugs, or shopping. The heart of the problem can feel like a disease that has attacked you. This can happen to me on my way home from a long day. I am driving along and … Read More

Welcome To My New Blog! October 2014

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I have been trying to figure out some way to communicate with all our single parents on a regular basis. I have considered sending out a semi-regular e-mail blast. This certainly would have its advantages. For starters, I could communicate with almost everyone without any initiative on your part. In addition, it’s free! However, after thinking about it for a … Read More